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RFDTV Episode #13 - Human Caused Lameness?

Do we humans cause lameness in horses?

Related Video from Previous Episode (#8)

In the previous Hoofcare Today Episode, Gene discusses the question of whether horseshoes cause lameness or not. This video offers some additional information to the current episode that might be helpful as well in case you missed it previously.

Hoofcare Today Episode #8.1 - More Supporting Material


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Quick Reference Guide Download

To download a Simple Quick Reference Guide for Evaluating A/P (front to back) Hoof Balance, Click on the Image to the LEFT. The file is a 1.5MB .pdf


Equine Lameness Prevention Organization "Widest Part of the Foot" Research

The Equine Lameness Prevention Organization has conducted a Radiograph Study in order to offer useful guidelines to hoof care professionals. This project discussed the protocol used to locate internal hoof structures by using external references. Click on the image to the LEFT for a summary of the results.

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