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RFDTV Episode #2 - Navicular Disease

What is Navicular Disease?

Additional Information

In the following video Gene Ovnicek will describes what Navicular Disease is and how it develops over time. Gene also discusses how to get ahead of the curve and recognize subtle gait faults and minor lameness issues that can lead to more severe problems. Hoof distortion recognition is one way to address possible hoof balance issues that can lead these gait and minor lameness issues.

"Navicular Related Lameness" (From E.L.P.O. Website)

This article is a more thorough look at Navicular Disease & Navicular Syndrome. The article is hosted on the Equine Lameness Prevention Organizations website is a very easy to understand.


Previous RFDTV Series

The following videos are related topics from a previous RFDTV series hosted by Gene Ovnicek. These videos generally consist of 3 to 5 ten minute segments that focus on a particular case or topic. The total run time of each segment is listed after the title.

NBHCC - Episodes 20 - 23: Horse with mismatched feet & Navicular related issues (approx. 33 minutes)

NBHCC - Episodes 49 - 53: Lameness associated with limb deviation (approx. 41 minutes)


Quick Reference Guide Download

To download a Simple Quick Reference Guide for Evaluating A/P (front to back) Hoof Balance, Click on the Image to the LEFT. The file is a 1.5MB .pdf


Equine Lameness Prevention Organization "Widest Part of the Foot" Research

The Equine Lameness Prevention Organization has conducted a Radiograph Study in order to offer useful guidelines to hoof care professionals. This project discussed the protocol used to locate internal hoof structures by using external references. Click on the image to the LEFT for a summary of the results.

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